Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shoe lies

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker in the hallway today. As I passed by her she exclaimed “Cute, sassy shoes!” I replied with gratitude as she went on to ask “But, I just don’t know how you girls wear them all day. Don’t your feet hurt?” I looked her straight in the eye and said “Oh no, at my desk I kick them off and if I have to walk anywhere downtown I put on flats”. She let out a long and pronounced “ooooh” as she realized the farce that is a woman trotting around in her high heels all day pretending that she’s doing so pain-free. She tossed back, “So, you don’t walk over to Target in those?”
I guffawed and stated “Hell No!”
So ladies, here it is. The rest of us are not teetering around in our four inch or higher
stilettos all day. If you are, please stop, you’re killing yourself for no reason. If you’re
walking down just to get a latte, sure leave those sexy heels on and make the men swoon
at the way you walk with a titillating swagger; make the women swoon with envy that
you have the cutest shoes they’ve ever seen. However, if you plan to power-walk more
than three blocks you must leave the damn things under your desk and put on a pair of
flats. Your toes will tank you, your stilettos will enjoy the reprieve, and the women
trying to balance on one foot at a time for a little relief while in the elevator will envy