Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Shipping

I have a business proposition for UPS/FEDEX/DHL, whichever one chooses to jump on this money making idea. I’m gonna be rich I tell you…RICH!
Now, I’m not sure which one of you already have a line of business that is used to ship live cargo but here is an opportunity to expand upon it.
Yes, I think this would be much more cost effective for the holiday season. Let’s admit it. No one really wants to see me and the hubz. They want the Monkey for entertainment. So, I’m thinking about all the money I could save on gas, food, and outings with the family if I just ship the kid to visit her relatives. I’m freaking brilliant, yet I somehow don’t believe that I’m the first to come up with this. I’m already drafting up the concept model for the shipment box. Air holes…yes apparently those are important. A little mat in the corner with a blanket, an auto-feed dish like cats use and a water-bottle like hamster suckle. Toss in a couple of toys and photo of mom and pops and wolah! Baby Shipment at its finest!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009